How do you maintain the beauty of an ornamental vase and keep it clean?


Cleaning these stunning designs is a breeze.


  • Empty the vase:  When not in use with flowers, remove all water from the ornamental vase.
  • Mix it up: To remove any residue, debris, dirt, or other matter, use a little isopropyl rubbing alcohol (we prefer 91%) and coarse salt (rock or ice cream salt work great, but regular table salt works as well) – use ¼c isopropyl alcohol or less depending on the size of your ornamental vase and 4-5 tbsp. of salt.
  • Seal it up:  Seal any openings with your hands, Shake it up and repeat until all residue(s) appear to be removed.  
  • Rinse it out:  Rinse the vase with warm water (not boiling or extremely hot).   We strongly discourage putting the ornamental vase in a dishwasher or washing it along with other items as that may damage the piece.
  • Save The Solution: The solution can be reused to clean multiple ornamental vases and additional pieces.