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How do I replace my downstem?

Replacing your vase's downstem can be tricky. If you don't feel comfortable doing this, we will be happy to FaceTime/video chat to guide you through the process!

  1. Carefully pull the broken stem out of the vase.  Wearing thick work gloves - leather or rubber grip hands - are best for this job). 
  2. Remove old grommet carefully.
  3. Clean the vase with isopropyl alcohol and a little salt if needed (to remove any sticky residue inside and ensure ease of replacement stem).
  4. Rinse the vase out with warm, soapy water.  
  5. Carefully (still wearing your work gloves) insert new rubber grommet. 
  6. Dip your new downstem in a little soapy water.  We use Dawn dish soap & warm water in a cereal bowl for this part) and gently insert, using evenly distributed pressure. 

Your My Bud Vase™ will be good as new!